Changing my blog content

So, I used to use my Tumblr like most other people; get on and re-blog funny and or cool stuff. But, I’ve decided from now on to only post original content (mostly photos). I hope haven’t disappointed anyone. :)

11.May.13 1 year ago

Some pictures I took over my mini vacation in the Tampa Bay Area. Enjoy:)

11.May.13 1 year ago


I usually wouldn’t post photos of people on my blog but I can make an exception for my boyfriend. :) Follow him here.


Hollister advertisement?


The view from below

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Old colorful yard sign

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A Wild Iris on Campus

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An ironically dead vulture

A few light paintings with the new camera

20.Apr.13 1 year ago

Story of my life

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All these photos were taken on a trip to Seahorse Key in Levy County, Fl.

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13.Apr.13 1 year ago

Horseshoe crab orgy on seahorse key

Cedar Key

Cedar Key Art Festival and boating trip